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Got Hair?

First off I'd like to say I bought your hair regrowth cd's a few months ago and they are awesome. I can't tell how you excited I was when I actually saw some little hairs growing in it was really cool. I was just wondering if the cd's effect all the hair on your head because I noticed hair growing in in places that I wasn't even visualizing. (Sideburns)
Thank you!

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Men`s Sexual Health

Powerful, professional hypnosis CDs that will change your mind.

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Wanna feel good?

Wanna feel real good?  Read on and perhaps you will find out how. This is a wonderful erotic and hypnotic experience for men and women.

During a state of trance our sensations are often heightened. We can hear faint sounds clearly, smells become more disctinct, colors are brighter... but most or all, our response to touch is heightened.

Using hypnosis suggestions to further heighten the response to touch can create wonderfully erotic feelings. Once the body is Illuminated and highly responsive the sensual sensations take on a whole new awareness.

Use this CD with your partner to magnify the feelings during a massage, or to intensify the orgasmic sensations. You can listen to this while alone, let your subconscious mind learn how to illuminate your body, and then discover something very interesting the next time you have sex.
The effect is not only felt while listening, but also a lasting effect in the response to touch in the future.

So, if you are looking for some warm fuzzies (really warm, and really fuzzy) then you deserve to find out how good you can feel!
This CD is good for you.
It is a good thing to feel this good.
Just do it.
Order it now.
Don't even think about not
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Look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy.
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