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Got Hair?

First off I'd like to say I bought your hair regrowth cd's a few months ago and they are awesome. I can't tell how you excited I was when I actually saw some little hairs growing in it was really cool. I was just wondering if the cd's effect all the hair on your head because I noticed hair growing in in places that I wasn't even visualizing. (Sideburns)
Thank you!

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Men`s Sexual Health

Powerful, professional hypnosis CDs that will change your mind.

Bigger Is Better.com

Looking for a safe, natural and permanent solution to enlarge your breasts?

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis
New and Improved! Newly Recorded!
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Is it really possible to enlarge your breasts with hypnosis?
New techniques in hypnotic breast enlargement create an increase of 2-4" (one or two cup sizes) and the results last! A safe and easy way to reach your full potential. Look better and feel better, naturally.

Every thought we think has an effect on our cells. You can create change in your body shape simply by thinking about the outcome. Breasts are interesting creatures, they are. One woman I know had a breast reduction and within 6 months her breasts promptly grew back to a DD cup. I think that her subconscious had a body image that included DD breasts and when they were reduced, since it didn't fit the image that was held by the subconscious, they grew back to match her belief about how her body should look. This is important because it shows how determined the mind can be when it comes to changing breast size. This is an example of why the potential exists to create permanently larger breasts.

Another woman had great results by talking to her breasts and asking them to grow. (There was actually an entire show on Rikki Lake about talking to your breasts.....) Leave out the begging and pleading, and use some simple suggestions that will encourage growth. That sure is easier than breast augmentation surgery for implants.

She did this for two months and she increased a full cup size, had to go buy all new bras. That was a year ago and at latest check, she says they haven't gone down a bit. (her friends thought she got implants!)

Here's your homework: Talk to your body. Make the suggestions positive. No whining, begging or pleading. Just affirmative, positive suggestions. And....be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!  Imagine, as vividly as you can, that you already had breast augmentation surgery and how shapely your new breasts are.

Hypnosis sessions will power up your breasts with a new belief system, creating bigger breasts naturally. Hypnotherapists have been doing breast enlargement for years with lasting results. It works and it is easy. No side effects, the implants won't harden, no scars, no breast surgery. Nothing to lose, it is guaranteed.

Breast enlargement hypnosis CD's:
Natural Breast Enlargement
Enlarge Your Breasts Through Hypnosis
This program has a one year money back guarantee-
YES, it works! New, improved, digitally mastered with binaural beats for deeper trance.


Call toll free 1-877-68 HAPPY
Do NOT consider breast augmentation surgery or implants until you have tried hypnosis. The risks of breast surgery are too great, and the implants can harden or have to be removed, leaving you with smaller breasts.

I did the CD's for breast enlargement, and went from an A cup to a B cup. I recently went to a department store to buy a new bra and was frustrated that nothing was fitting (my normal A size). I have never been able to fit into a B, but I tried several B's on and they were all a perfect fit. I'm pleased with my new look and want to say thanks! My friend paid $5000 for breast augmentation and suffered through surgery and recovery. My route with the tapes was painless, relaxing and fun (and it worked!). I find myself giggling about when I get dressed in the morning. Thanks. I look forward to using more of your products.



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