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Got Hair?

First off I'd like to say I bought your hair regrowth cd's a few months ago and they are awesome. I can't tell how you excited I was when I actually saw some little hairs growing in it was really cool. I was just wondering if the cd's effect all the hair on your head because I noticed hair growing in in places that I wasn't even visualizing. (Sideburns)
Thank you!

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Men`s Sexual Health

Powerful, professional hypnosis CDs that will change your mind.

Bigger Is Better.com


A Hypnosis breakthrough in cellular communication.
As a result of years of work with clients in my office, creating a holographic model of the mind-body, I have developed a unique and extremely effective program to achieve high states of health, healing, youth, and stamina.

I am very excited about this new program because I have seen the results first hand, not only in the lives of my clients, but in my own body and mind. This CD program uses hypnosis to achieve a very extensive holographic model of the mind and body and creates a focused cellular communication to achieve a body change in whatever way you desire.

As you listen to each CD session you will discover something about how responsive your cells are to being influenced. What does this mean? You can create the most youthful state in your body, have better skin, stronger joints, build muscle, strengthen your immune system and become vibrantly healthy.

This is truly a Breakthrough

Achieve Mastery of your Health, your Body,
and your Beliefs about aging.

Nine Holographic Hypnosis sessions that teach you the new technology of mind body communication.
Is it possible to repair scars, bone injuries, damage or pain to the body?
Can your skin cells be programmed to become healthy, strong, and more youthful?
Will muscles respond to hypnotic exercise and increase the mass and strength based only on the mind/body communication?
The advancement of research about the potential of our mind/body connection is raising the possibilities for creating the body we want, whether it is for healing the body, or increasing breast size, or building muscle mass.
This program is unique.
This method creates a holographic connection between mind and body, then applies the cellular communication through this holographic grid. The program also accesses the "blueprint" of the brain when it had all the information for YOUTHFUL cellular structure, and asks the brain to apply this YOUTH blueprint to the current condition.
Miraculous, some say, when this inner wisdom is accessed.

The targeted hologram track will allow you to create a specific change in great detail to the targeted area of your body. Apply this to vision, or skin problems, or the site of an injury, or to heal rapidly after surgery...
or any part of the body that needs intense healing.

Hypnotic exercise will program muscles for growth- even without actual exercise. Research from Manchester university in England has proven that
muscles achieve over 50% of the size increase and strength from visualizing alone, as compared to doing the actual exercise.
This program is a breakthrough in the integration of a Youthful body, Healing illness and injury, and promoting the optimum condition in your mind
and body for health, strength and youth.
This method asks the subconscious mind to access the function of immune factors, cellular growth, hormonal balance, blood flow, oxygen supply to cells,
removing harmful bacteria and toxins, and more... to achieve a condition in the body for optimum health.

Track 1- Instant deep trance training.
Track 2- The Holographic body.
Track 3- Morning Meditation for clarity and intention.
Track 4- Brain Blueprint for Youth.
Track 5- Skin Hologram.
Track 6- Targeted Holographic Healing and Cellular Imprinting.
Track 7- Disk of light- remove toxins, bacteria, harmful cells
Track 8- Sleep, access deep states of sleep.
Track 9- Hypnotic Muscle Training- Increase Muscle mass and strength during trance.
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Body Mastery Program
9 session CD set

Special Introductory Price- regularly $149.00
only $49.90 for all 9 CD sessions
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