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Got Hair?

First off I'd like to say I bought your hair regrowth cd's a few months ago and they are awesome. I can't tell how you excited I was when I actually saw some little hairs growing in it was really cool. I was just wondering if the cd's effect all the hair on your head because I noticed hair growing in in places that I wasn't even visualizing. (Sideburns)
Thank you!

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Men`s Sexual Health

Powerful, professional hypnosis CDs that will change your mind.

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Men`s Sexual Health
Hypnosis for Breast Enlargement
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Welcome. Glad you could come...   
It is time to answer that age old question, 
can I be a better lover?
I have to be honest with you. I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over ten years and the most frequently asked questions have got to be about sex.... and more specifically about whether or not you guys measure up. Now I don't suppose a lot of other hypnotists get asked this question... maybe it is just the gleam in my eye and that curious nature of mine. It is that curiosity that lead me to help men with their sexual inadequacy with hypnosis.

Is bigger really better?
If you have ever been curious, like me, you probably have a burning desire to know. What do the girls really think about penis size? Are they just being polite when they say, " Oh, honey, you are just the right size. I love you just the way you are" or are they having some deeper desires?

Does size really matter?
Mostly it matters to the men. You guys sure do think about size a lot. Size probably matters more to you, than to her. But just in case...   it really does matter... to her as well.... you might want to discover just how to reach your potential. Have you ever thought about how much better you can perform? Improving your sexual stamina with hypnosis is a reality. I know it sounds strange, but think about this. The danger of penis pumps, and penis weights is probably not worth the risk. If you have every seen a picture of a bad penis enlargement surgery, you would be scared. And you should be. In the search for a bigger penis, the pumps, penis weights, and surgery cause permanent scarring, tearing and can damage the penis.

Do the girls really place importance on size?
Surveys show that some women do feel it is important, but in most cases women are more interested in technique and your ability as a lover. Perhaps size is not the ONLY key to sexual satisfaction and mind blowing sex. BUT, it is a major component of the erotic process and causes a girls mind to wander. Mine is wandering right now. Studies show that about 55% of women feel that penis size matters. For men surveyed about 95% feel penis size is of humongous importance.

Hypnosis? To enlarge a Penis or Breasts?
It may sound odd, at first, to think that hypnosis could change your body size or shape, or enlarge your penis, or your breasts, but it is true.  There are many studies that show the effect of hypnosis for breast enlargement, and how it creates permanent results. I had personally worked with many women who increased a cup size or more in only 2 months... so.... I got to thinking, maybe it could enlarge a penis. And lo, it was so. Five years ago I was asked to make a tape for a man who wished to enlarge his penis. I told him that it probably was not possible, but that we would give it a go anyway. I was as surprised as he was at the rapid results he got, and the increased satisfaction and confidence in his sexual performance. He and his wife were thrilled. Enhancing a man`s sexual performance with hypnosis was born.

Then what happened?
A year later he wrote to me and mentioned that not only was he still larger, but he thought he was still increasing in size, even though he had not listened to the tapes in a year.
He continued to become a more confident lover!
And so it began... I made the hypnosis tapes, sent them out, and the letters that I received confirmed these same findings over and over again. The thought processes that instruct the physical functions of the body can be manipulated with hypnosis. With consistent use of hypnosis the body can make the changes in just a few weeks to create a better, stronger, more fulfilling sexual experience. Hypnosis can also help with sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, erections, and inability to orgasm.

Read What Charles Had to Say
Thanks, this is the greatest. I used the CD's as instructed and in a weeks time I have improved about 90%. I've tried every medication on the market and every technique known to man. I listen to the CD's everyday and I'm improving everyday,,just my wife.... She has that glow again and sleeps under me night after night. We wake in the morning and start all over again.. You've saved my marriage...Thanks again and I'll be ordering other items in the near future....Charles :)

This sounds too good to be true.
yes it does... let me tell you a secret, ok?  
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